I’m Not A Regular Marathon, I’m A Cool Marathon

If you’re anything like me, your list of movies to watch is about a mile long. It seems like for every few movies I watch, I’m adding twice as many to the list. Not that this is a bad thing, obviously… but what does it say about me that I feel a special kind of satisfaction when I get to take a movie off my list? Don’t answer that. Seriously though, there’s nothing I love more than realizing I have an afternoon or evening free from the real world, and pumping out two or three movies I’ve been meaning to see or wanting to re-watch. I like to think it’s the easiest way to feel productive without actually doing much. So, if you feel like your movie list is getting out of control, or you’re sick of being judged because you still haven’t seen Rogue One or The Force Awakens (really, I’m judging you), I’m here to help you out. Here are 5 things you need to nail down in order to plan a movie marathon.

The Guest List

If watching movies is serious business for you, maybe you prefer to fly solo, which is going to make every other step in this process super easy – you’re calling all the shots. Movie marathons can be more fun in small groups. If you’re opting for the group route, the smaller the better – fewer people are easier to wrangle than a big group.

The Timeslot

Don’t be afraid of your schedule. Work with what you’ve got. Is there a Saturday coming up that you and your best friend both have off? Perfect. What about a Friday night that you don’t have any plans? Boom. Solo mini marathon. Take advantage of full weekends or back to back days off with more adventurous undertakings, like IMDb’s top ten or the extended versions of Lord of the Rings… the one marathon to rule them all… get it? Sorry.

The Setting

Now that you know who and when, we need a venue. There are a few things to consider here. For one, space. Depending on how many people are watching, you’ll need to find somewhere that gives you the space you need without sacrificing comfort. Another thing to think about: devices. Do you need a DVD or Blu-ray player? Whose TV streams Netflix? You don’t want to be stuck hovering around a laptop with 5 other people.

The Playlist

Now that everything is almost in place, the fun begins. If you’re flying solo, like I said, you’re calling the shots. This is a great opportunity to check some movies off your list. Focusing on genres or actors can be a good place to start, but sometimes you have to wing it and feel out your mood. When choosing for longer marathons or marathons with groups of people, themes are your friend. Some examples..

  • Apocalypse movies.
  • Movies set in New Jersey.
  • Movies where most of the characters die by the end.

Whatever you want! I also like to combine themes with people’s favourites. Everybody choose their favourite baseball movie and watch all of them. If you want to keep it simple, figure out what series everyone likes and go for it. If you have the entire weekend, why wouldn’t you watch all the Harry Potter movies?

The Menu

Now for the pièce de résistance. Snacks. The bottom line is you’re going to want a plan. Whether it’s that with exactly ten minutes left in your first movie you’ll order pizza, or you tell everyone to bring something, potluck style – make a plan. Food can also be a part of the theme if you’re feeling creative. What could be better than a chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo baked into it while watching Inception? Seriously, that’s a thing. Nothing will kill your momentum more than pausing between movies to figure out what everyone feels like having for dinner. Make. A. Plan. You’ll be glad you did.

Go forth and tackle your movie lists, and then start making new ones and share them with me! What movies are you tackling next? What’s an obscure marathon theme you’ve always wanted to take on?

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