Step Right Up & Try My Buzzfeed Quiz!

As it turns out, anybody can sign up and publish content on Buzzfeed. I always assumed you had to work there or be a real writer or something in order to have your stuff published on Buzzfeed. To be fair, only the best of the best gets chosen by the editors to be promoted to the main areas of the site. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try making Buzzfeed lists or quizzes because hey, they are really fun and relatively easy to do.

Click here if you want to try my movie quotes quiz – but be warned, I didn’t make it easy. Many of my friends have already accused me of being downright vicious by not giving options, and instead making the quizzees guess blind. Look, they are just basically from my favourite movies, and I tried not to make them 100% impossible.. but who doesn’t love a challenge, am I right?

So give it a try! Let me know how you do 🤣