Stan and the Eighth Marvel Club Before Your Feet: A March Recap, Belated

I’m baaack.

When February ended I was having such an Oscars hangover. The number of movies I watched in general went way, way down for March.. and then I was dealing with some life stuff, so the steam was lost.

But I’m back! I have three months to recap and make up for lost time. I guess that’s the silver lining of not watching a ton – I should hopefully be able to catch up quickly. So here we go. This is my recap for March.

Captain Marvel

Let’s start off with a doozy, shall we? If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I had quite an odd experience seeing Captain Marvel in theatres.. in that there were less than 10 people in my showtime, on OPENING FRIDAY.

Nonetheless, I loved it. I’m in love with Brie Larson, I think she is amazing. The character was so refreshing and I thought the way they built her journey was perfect. Of any movies I saw over the last few months, this is one that I could have done a full review or basically an essay on, because I found it very meaningful and symbolic. Also as a bonus I think it’s hilarious to watch men cry on the internet!! #girlpower

Book Club

This was an impulse watch, thank you Netflix. It was good, I enjoyed it. It’s nice seeing a romcom that’s like.. targeted differently? I can only watch so many unrealistic teen romances (love those tho, let’s be real).

The World Before Your Feet

I absolutely loved this documentary, which follows a guy who walks the entirety of every borough of New York City. I can’t even describe how satisfying it was. Check out the trailer and if you have the chance to see it, I would highly recommend.

Eighth Grade

I was really behind on seeing this one, but it didn’t disappoint. I think the tone was a little different than I was expecting, but it felt very real and appropriate for the subject matter.. like, almost frighteningly. It was a bit cringe-y and hard to watch sometimes, but only in an empathetic way if that makes sense. I’m excited to see what both Elsie Fisher and Bo Burnham do next.

Stan and Ollie

I didn’t really have many expectations here, but I ended up really liking it. Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly were really great. Very charming.

Alright, one recap down, two to go! It’s good to be back.